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This page should give you all a current project status for all the Web & Intranet projects and help you give feedback.

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Preparation Phase: Overall Concepts
Status: Completed 100%
Timing: 2013-04 till 2013-07
Responsible: Daniel Mettler & AK Web

This part of the project was started in February 2013 and was completed middle of 2013. The result of it was a clear concept of how to separate work into different units. A core element was separating the LOM-webs from the intranet and letting different people/companies create/sponsor different pieces of the entire solution. Work was distributed as follows:

  1. Comvation will create the Intranet (partially funded, partially sponsored)
  2. Jeannine Studach of PinkLemon will create the visual design (100% sponsored)
  3. 2sic will create the national web sites (100% sponsored)
  4. LOMs will create their own web sites with various solutions and partners

Sub Project: Tools for LOM Web Sites
Status: Completed (100%)
Timing 2013-06 till 2013-11
Responsible: Daniel Mettler, PinkLemon, 2sic, other partners

In this phase Jeannine Studach of PinkLemon design the overall look of a LOM-Website. 2sic then created an HTML-Layout as well as a demo implementation with the CMS DNN. Based on this work, other web designers were able to create other implementations like Wordpress, etc.

Sub Project: National Web Sites
Status 95%
Timing: 2013-07 till 2014-04 (estimated)
Responsible: Daniel Mettler, 2sic, Monika Ingold

In this phase the three national web sites are created and go live. The status of these are as follows

  1. www.jci.ch - went live at the NAKO 2013 (2013-10-13)
  2. www.jci-senat.ch - website/cms ready, still finishing content
  3. www.jci-foundation.ch - website/cms ready, still finishing content

Sub Project: JCI Shop
Status: 100%
Timing: from 2013-10 to 2014-01
Responsible: Mike Ritschard, STIT.CH, Comvation

Shop is now independent of the Intranet and can be optimized to business needs.

Feedback/Problems: to

Sub Project: JCIS Newsletter
Status: 100%
Timing: 2014-01
Responsible: Jörg Heynen/Dimando, Monika Ingold

Finally a newsletter to be proud of! Thank you Jörg & Monika :)!

System sponsored by Dimando.

Please send Feedback/Problems to

Sub Project: LOM Web Sites
Status: 41%
Timing: from 2013-08 till now
Responsible: LOM Presidents

All LOMs can now create their own web sites using templates and free software provided by JCI Switzerland. Most LOMs will also obtain help from various partners.

List of LOMs Status 2015-08-03
Responsible: LOM Presidents

The following table shows the LOM-List and Implementation Status (links found here):

New Corporate Design (57%)

  1. JCI Aargau
  2. JCI Appenzellerland
  3. JCI Basel (neu2)
  4. JCI Bern
  5. JCI Brig
  6. JCI Bucheggberg
  7. JCI Chur
  8. JCI Emmental
  9. JCI Engadin
  10. JCI Frauenfeld
  11. JCI Fribourg
  12. JCI Frutigland
  13. JCI Fürstenland (neu)
  14. JCI Glarus
  15. JCI Innerschwyz
  16. JCI La Côte vaudoise
  17. JCI Liechtenstein Werdenberg
  18. JCI Luzern
  19. JCI Morges (neu2)
  20. JCI Oberaargau
  21. JCI Oberthurgau (neu)
  22. JCI Olten
  23. JCI Rapperswil-Jona
  24. JCI Rheintal (neu2)
  25. JCI Sarganserland
  26. JCI Schaffhausen
  27. JCI Sense-See (neu)
  28. JCI Solothurn
  29. JCI St. Gallen
  30. JCI Surselva (neu2)
  31. JCI Thun (neu)
  32. JCI Toggenburg (neu2)
  33. JCI Untersee-Kreuzlingen
  34. JCI Uri
  35. JCI Wil
  36. JCI Winterthur
  37. JCI Zug
  38. JCI Zürcher Oberland (neu2)
  39. JCI Zürcher Unterland (neu)
  40. JCI Zürich 

Old MHS-Look (6%)

  1. JCI Montagnes neuchâteloises (errors)
  2. JCI Saanenland (errors)  
Own Style (32%)
  1. JCI Broye (no site)
  2. JCI Ausserschwyz
  3. JCI Bellevue-Zürich
  4. JCI Biel-Bienne
  5. JCI Chablais
  6. JCI Châtel-St.-Denis
  7. JCI Crans Montana
  8. JCI Davos
  9. JCI Delémont
  10. JCI Genève
  11. JCI Glâne
  12. JCI Gruyère
  13. JCI Interlaken
  14. JCI Lausanne
  15. JCI Lavaux
  16. JCI Martigny
  17. JCI Porrentruy
  18. JCI Riviera
  19. JCI Sierre
  20. JCI Sion                                
  21. JCI Ticino
  22. JCI Villars-sur-Ollon
  23. JCI Zürichsee

No website at the moment 6%

  1. JCI Neuchâtel
  2. JCI Nord Vaudois
  3. JCI Pays-d'Enhaut
  4. JCI Wiggertal

Sub Project Intranet
Status: 65%
Timing: from 2013-08 till now
Responsible: Ivan Schmid / Comvation, Daniel Mettler, AK Web

This is the largest part of the project. It is split into the following sub-projects, each showing the current status:


Status-List 2014-03 (but hasn't changed much since)

Status-List 2014-03 (but hasn't changed much since)

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